Why are YOU a Mason?

In our March meeting we tried a new presentation idea that was suggested to us by our current District Education Officer of our district. He described a presentation we could give to help determine WHY we are each a Mason.

We started by asking everyone in attendance of our stated meeting to write down on a sticky note why they became a Mason. After that we asked everyone to write down why they love Masonry now. Finally, since one of the primary missions of Masonry is to make good men better, we asked everyone to write one thing about themselves they would like to improve; to make perfect that which is rough.

We talked briefly about them, but then everyone was asked to remove all but 3 of the notes. Meaning, if they could only have 3 of the things they wrote down from Masonry, which ones would they be? That of course inspired some good conversation. We had a 52 year Mason of our lodge visiting with us that evening, so it was fascinating to hear his perspective.

After a finishing those discussions, we asked everyone to pick just 1 thing to keep. If you could only have 1 thing from your Masonic experience, what would it be? That 1 thing is the reason why you are a Mason.

It was interesting to see the variety of answers that came up that night. They ranged from fellowship, and family, to charity, and personal self-improvement. Although we all have our own reasons, we share the same lodge and are working together to help each individual to achieve their own personal aspirations.

Having the answers to these questions, knowing the true reasons why our members are our members, will help Wheaton Lodge 269 tailor the experience we give each member in the coming years. If you're a Mason reading this and you weren't there that night, give this presentation idea a try. To Brother RJB from Lombard, thank you for the inspiration.