A Passed, Past Master Experience

This month we had the opportunity to meet the daughter of WB Elmer Pierce who was Master of Wheaton Lodge in 1954. She stopped by to return her father's Past Master Apron to us.

As she toured through the building she talked about how important this Lodge was to her father, and how much he sincerely loved Masonry. Although WB Pierce passed away in 2006, her eyes still watered as she looked around the lodge room that meant so much to her dad when she was young.

She saw his chair in the East, and walked right through the very lines and corners her father had undoubtedly traveled hundreds of times. Even though she couldn't fully appreciate where she was walking, it seemed to be understood somehow. It was amazing to witness.

It was a nice reminder of just how much our lodge has meant to so many families for over the last 160 years in Wheaton, and the privilege it is for us to be members of this historic lodge. Over 60 years ago, men like WB Pierce were proudly traveling the exact same marching lines we travel today. In the eyes of their families, their memories live on because we are still here, cherishing our past, and fighting for our future.

If you knew WB Pierce and can share a story, please email the lodge and we'll pass it along to his daughter. That would be very meaningful to her. Thank you.