Rich Did That!

Congratulations Brother Rich Stark!
This month our current Senior Warden and Temple Board President, Brother Rich Stark (pictured with Past GM Anthony Cracco), received a great promotion at work to provide much deserved advancement in his professional life. It's fun to see hard-workers get the rewards they deserve.

Unfortunately for our lodge, this means he has to step down from his roles at lodge. However, it's important we acknowledge him publicly and offer our sincerest thanks to Rich for everything he has done for Wheaton Lodge over the years. NOTE: He's not leaving lodge entirely, just his offices.

Rich Did That!
Remember the massive flood and restoration project last year? Think about how much work that must have been in getting quotes, managing contractors, and coordinating insurance claims. Rich did that! We finally have a waterproof roof on the building which is fantastic. Rich did that! We have multiple tenants in the building, each has pressing needs, suggestions, and sometimes complaints. Someone had to field all of those calls. Rich did that! The building had taxes and annual reports to be filed every year. Rich did that! I could very seriously write 10 pages of things that were done at lodge over the last couple years and end them all with, "Rich did that!"

When something needed to get done, and no one was available or willing to do it, Rich did that,and we are very grateful. Following the footsteps of his predecessor Brother Harry Fries, who also did an amazing job, Wheaton Lodge is a better place because of Brothers Rich and Harry.

The New Guys
This month we elected a new Temple Board President, Brother Jonathan Westergren, and he is jumping into his new role with his whole heart. With him, we also elected his father, Brother Gene Westergren as Treasurer, and and Brother Max Flores as Secretary.

Jon brings his own fresh enthusiasm into the role, inspiring others to follow, and will build on the foundation Rich and Harry laid into place. He has even reached out to former board members to help out and finally bridge the gap from the previous generations to the current group. They have seen his sincerity and have agreed to consult with us, for which we are very grateful. It's going to be an exciting year to come. I look forward to writing about the accomplishments that Jon and his officers will do to make our lodge building a better place.