Welcome to the Wheaton Lodge 269 Pin Page!

The goal of this page is to create a history of the pin that you have for future generations. When a Wheaton Lodge Mason in the year 2100 receives the same anniversary pin you hold in your hands now, or when the pin is put on display, there will be a record of the brothers who received this pin through the years and where they went with it. Those future brothers will be writing a new chapter of this legacy, this legend, that you are going to start here.

Please fill out the form below, or you can inscribe your travels inside the booklet you received with your pin. If you didn't get a booklet, or if you need a new one, you can download it here.

Please include the date, the location, and the type of event you attended. Feel free to include a story or an anecdote about the event that future generations may enjoy reading.