George Washington's Masonic Bible

President's Day was in February. Coincidentally, WM Watz and Brother Paul Cameron had the opportunity to see the actual bible on which George Washington took all 3 of his Masonic obligations!

This is the 200 year anniversary of Masonry in Indiana, so the bible was loaned to the Grand Lodge of Indiana for the occasion. This was the first time this bible has left the state of Virginia since 1668! It's hard to believe but this bible was already over 100 years old when George Washington took his obligations on it in 1752 and 1753.

The bible was delivered to Indiana by 3 Past Grand Masters of Virginia, and it will be returned home by 3 more Past Grand Masters of Virginia. The WM of Keystone Lodge 251 in Indiana, WB Danny Terril was gracious enough to make some calls to get us into their Grand Lodge on a Saturday afternoon to see it.