Cold Weather Preparation List

It's January 29th, and the weatherman is predicting a high temperature of -16 degrees tomorrow, and a low of -26 degrees. These are not "real-feel" temps, those are the actual temps. It's important during times like these to check in with any brothers and widows who may need assistance. They might not know who they can call if they get into trouble.

Here is a Cold Weather Preparation List to ensure they are ready:

• Are the gas tanks on all vehicles at least half-full to prevent freezing?
• Are their exterior garden hoses unhooked and in the garage/basement already?
• Do they have someone to help clear ice & snow? Or to salt the walkway?
• Any rarely used faucets? Turn them on to a slow drip so they don't freeze.
• Furnace filters should be changed since the furnace will be running overtime.
• Do they have a furnace repairman's number handy in case it stops working?
• Do they have someone to call or a place to go if the heat goes out?
• Ask if there is anything we should know so we can help in an emergency.

Also, be sure to ask if they have any suggestions that you should add to the list. You might get a great tip that could help everyone you call. Most importantly, make sure they hear the sincerity in your voice that you're calling because you care. Feeling appreciated and cared for is the absolute best way to warm someone up. Best wishes, and stay warm!