Rich Did That!

Congratulations Brother Rich Stark! This month our current Senior Warden and Temple Board President, Brother Rich Stark (pictured with Past GM Anthony Cracco), received a great promotion at work to provide much deserved advancement in his professional life. It's fun to see hard-workers get the rewards they deserve. Unfortunately for our lodge, this means he […]

Why are YOU a Mason?

In our March meeting we tried a new presentation idea that was suggested to us by our current District Education Officer of our district. He described a presentation we could give to help determine WHY we are each a Mason. We started by asking everyone in attendance of our stated meeting to write down on […]

Paul Revere Surprise in Wisconsin!

Wheaton Lodge JW, Brother Paul Cameron has now had the chance to give the 1795 Paul Revere Charge in 3 different states, IL, IN, and WI. It's catching on! Indiana was interesting to see because of the differences in how they open and close their lodge, and many of their traditions that we don't get to see in Illinois. It was fascinating.

Wisconsin, however, was a complete shock. [...]