Amazing Indiana-Kentucky Tradition

On Feb 17, WM Watz and Brother Paul Cameron were very fortunate to witness a Kentucky 3rd degree at Keystone Lodge 251 in Indiana. It was absolutely incredible!

60 years ago, brothers from Suburban Lodge 740 of KY were headed to Chicago to do a degree but got stuck on the way in a blizzard. They reached out to the closest lodge for help, and Keystone Lodge 251 of IN responded. The KY lodge performed their degree that night, then the next year, the IN lodge drove to KY to do their own 3rd degree, and a tradition was born which these lodges have continued every year since that fateful night 60 years ago.

It's an amazing story, and an even more amazing degree! We were shocked by how much more we learned about our own Masonic experiences from what was were revealed to us that night. We saw elements that we didn't realize weren't complete, and it was only possible through the amazing opportunities Masonry presents to us by traveling.

In addition, we were able to meet and become friends with some great men from both lodges as well as from other lodges from around the area who just came to watch. There were 80 people in attendance that day, and we are grateful to have been a part of it. Masonry is such an amazing experience if you choose to experience it. The people you meet, the kindness from relative strangers that you see and experience, and the overwhelming history you can be a part of is incredible. If you are NOT a Mason and you're reading this, I would encourage you to stop by a lodge near you and find out more.