Our New Website & Blog!

Welcome to our new blog! To get this started, we plan to post excerpts from our recent newsletters to fill you in on what's been going on at lodge over the last few months. Anything dated before today's date (4/4/2018) was backdated to from prior newsletters to keep the dates appropriate to the content, but truly this blog starts today.

The reason the blog is new, is because the website is new! Our previous website was taken down after costs became prohibitive to maintain it with our previous host. Rather than rebuilding what was already there, we decided to give our site a whole new look. That new look includes our new logo!

Do you like the Logo? It was inspired by the wheat penny, for those of you who are familiar with what that is, and this design can be made into a pin for our current members, our visitors from other lodges, and can be given as a thank you for those who donate money to the lodge to help us to serve the community around us.

This design also allows us to to create Anniversary pins for our members to celebrate their years as a Mason. The new anniversary pins will just replace the "Chartered 1858" with "25 Year Mason", or with whatever year is appropriate for each member. Our goal is to have them available for every 5 year anniversary.

Since the recipient will have no need for the previous pin (i.e. a 10 year Mason would have no need for a 5 Year Mason pin), they can return the old pin and get the new pin BUT we hope they will also include the log of everywhere that pin has been over the last 5 years so it can be passed down to the next brother who receives it. Our hope is to create pins with great legacies attached to them that will fun for Wheaton Lodge members for generations to come.